Thursday, June 13, 2013

third pelvis

I knew I was born with one pelvis, but I have no idea how I have suddenly made the leap to three.  What happened to two?  Where am I going to put another one?  I don't have enough chairs!

This exercise with the mystifyng name also makes use of the most mystifying of equipment.  The first is a rectangular piece with two bits of wood attached to the back so it will hang on the ladder thingy.  Then there is a second piece of wood that is smaller and does the same thing, except it also has another piece of wood sticking out the top (or side, depending on how you are looking at it). 

These conversation-starting pieces of wood are placed on whichever bars will hit you at hip height, in my case on the left as my lumbar collapse is on the right.

The idea is that you stand in your corrected pose with the hip touching the sticky-outy bit of wood.  Then you shift your pelvis to the left without shifting the weight on your feet or moving anoy other part of your body.

But the kids here at Scoliosis SOS have an added bonus of hanging a piece of wood dowling at stretched arm height.When you shift your pelvis to the left you activate your lat muscles and pull the bar down to eye height.  Hold everything for 6 long seconds and relax.  Repeat for 12 reps, with a stretching break in between, for a total of 3 reps.

This one takes a bit of ingenuity while traveelling I found.  No ladder, no weird pieces of wood to press against and no dowl to hang on to and pull.

You can't really press against the edge of a wall very well because your upper torso gets in the way.  And it is hard to find a desk or bureau at just the right height.

However, when I am sitting on a bus or a train for any length of time, I can sit in my corrected pose and shift my pelvis to the left, trying not to shift anything else including the weight on my feet.  If I concentrate I can get it to work reasonably well.

And that's despite only having 1 pelvis.

Maybe he knows where I can get another?

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  1. I am so enjoying following you on this journey. It's very educational and entertaining. Not an easy combo. Elvis. Hilarious!

    Allison B.