Monday, February 3, 2014

Hanging Around in Bars

When I was ready to order a set of exercise bars, my UK-based Scoliosis SOS clinic gave me the card of Artimex Sport ( a company that makes all sorts of sport and gymnastic bars for all sorts and sizes of walls.  They would ship worldwide, but the cost of course would be more than if I lived in the UK. 

But their site provided a link to their North American rep, Artimex USA which is actually called InFitness Equipment ( They have built their own supply chain, with bars made of solid wood (usually maple or beech) as opposed to engineered lumber.  And happily their model #253 is what my correspondent tells me is designed for low ceilings.  I smiled hearing that as some of my Scoliosis SOS cohorts in England might consider 6 and a half feet a good height for any room. It was shipped out that day, received a few days later and was incredibly easy to put together really. It fit in the room with 1 whole inch to spare!  Because the bar unit stands at at six foot seven, my five foot six inch body is not going to be able to hang with my whole body stretched long, but I will be able to hang with my knees bent, so my back will get the stretch it needs. 

The trick was installation.  I like to think I've retained my girlish figure into adulthood.  But let's be real - I am going to hang from it and pull on it and generally use all my strength against it, so it's got to be skookum (i.e., "strong" in local Native Indian parlance).

The wall I chose had a good strong stud on one side, but had nothing to fit it to the other side. 

A friend of a friend came in and built out my wall, moved an electric outlet, and added a full length mirror to "mirror" that of the clinic setups.

Clinic wall bars
A couple of hours later and ta-da, I have my own private gym. 
I think I will call it "Jim"

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