Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When One Door Closes.....

......you sometimes get smacked in the face.

Just when my hip bursitis was beginning to calm down, I got an ache in my upper left arm.  Putting clothes on over my head was so painful I was wearing everything I had with buttons and zips. That's when I realized I'm not really a cardigan kind of girl.  I only had one shirt and 2 sweaters, and it is winter, so I got pretty bored of my wardrobe before I decided to do something about it.

Hello doctor.  Hello physiotherapist.  Yes, I thought I'd seen the last of you, too.  No offence.  Non taken.

Looks like I did something to my rotator cuff.  And a funny thing about that is - well not really so funny - but I can do practically none of my scoliosis exercises with a rotator cuff injury.  I can't hang, or stretch with my arms overhead, even hanging down.  I can't pull with my arms out, and I certainly can't stretch pecs. 

So I get a new selection of exercises designed to strengthen the upper part my shoulder blades.  Seems my lower blades are extremely strong, from all the hanging and pressing, etc. Interesting. so yet again my scoliosis is impacting on my health and fitness. I can actually feel my back curve is going back to where it was, my hump is a bit larger and when I lie on the ground with my knees bent, I can't feel the floor with one side of my lower back. I never thought I was making much progress with my exercises, but now I know I was.  And I hope it won't take too long to get back there!

Christmas has not helped.  I feel like a fat pig, not having walked much, pilates and yoga classes shut down for a few weeks over the holiday, no swimming because my days and nights are filled with other things. And I am eating, eating, eating.  I wasn't too bad up until Christmas but I have experienced virtually no self-discipline since.  So as soon as my Dad's 80th birthday celebrations are over and my sister leaves town taking all my left-over chocolate and cheezies with her, my life will get back on track.  And hopefully by then, this rotator cuff thing with be better and I can hang again.

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