Sunday, April 21, 2013

Team Jennifer

The spine specialist told to keep doing whatever it was I was doing.  And that was running, which he told me I can't do anymore. I obviously had to rethink my strategy.

Time to assemble my Team.

A team approach helped me with my running, so I figure the same approach could be used for my scoliosis.  "Team Jennifer" as I call it is a tight little group of people that provide practical and emotional support on a regular basis, and who go above and beyond for me.

I'm lucky to have my Team Captain so close at hand.  Martin has been there for me right from the first time he spun me on the dance floor.  I knew he would stand up for me no matter what.  He comforts me when I cry in the dark and listens patiently when I work things through verbally and at length. He takes me where I need to go and pushes me just enough to get me to the next level.  He loves my curvy back because it is part of me.  He is a Team unto himself, but it would be unfair to place the entire role on him.

Physically, I have my adorable kick-butt pilates teacher Shauna, and my equally brilliant, patient yoga teacher Nancy.  I recently added another pilates teacher, Anita, another spitfire who has experience working with scoliosis sufferers, and massage therapist Gaelen, who shares a personal interest in the condition.  On a personal level are loving Silvia, Adrienne and Eric, and my parents who are always right there for me if I need them for anything. 

Outside that solid little squad are a wealth of family members: immediate, tenuous and in-lawful - and friends: near, far and far-ish.  At various times until they couldn't help me any more, my team included professionals in acupuncture, nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology. Also singing teachers, dancing teachers, walking partners, writing partners.  People I've known all my life, people I've known at various time and various places, people who I've only recenty met - they are all in the bleachers offering support and cheering me on in whatever way they could.

Having a team makes me feel empowered, that there is always something new to try, and confident that things will work out fine. 

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