Sunday, April 14, 2013

This is the year!

When I found out that it was the progression of my scoliosis causing all the pain, it kicked me out of my depression (more on that another time) and I decided to do whatever I could to deal with it and 'make it better'.  After a year of exploring medications (more on that another time too!) and therapies, I brought it up at our annual AGM, determined to make the issue a priority this year. 

Martin and I have always made January 1 our Annual General Metting, a day to take stock of all aspects of our lives, and to make plans for the new year.  Not resolutions, not dreams, but plans.  We found that if we made actual goals then we might have a chance of making them a reality and not jsut a 'wouldn't it be nice' thing.

We sit down somewhere nice (and warm!) and check off each facet: finance, health, personal, professional.  We also bring up any issues that need to be brought up, which definitely works better at this time than when in the emotional middle of something!  At the AGM we can talk candidly and figure out a compromise if not a solution.

There's something empowering about taking control of something and forming a plan of action.  This year, I decided to make my back health a priority, and to explore what is out there that might help. I had learned a lot of things over the past couple of years or so, but suspected there was a lot more ou there to find out.  Thankfully, our business is flexible and my husband is supportive, so I could allow myself a bit of extra time and attention to the physical me. Having found comfort in other people's experiences, I wanted to share whatever info. I found.  That is one reason for posting this in a blog.  Having an increasingly short memory is another reason for documenting it!

I am now at the first quarter mark of the year, and on the brink of a big adventure.  I call it:

Jenny's Big Bendy Back Adventure!!! 

Which sounds like an illustrated children's book but no matter.  Off I go.

A website I follow (  had a posting about a unique non-surgical clinic devoted to scoliosis, located in London, England.  I am no stranger to London, and was in fact planning to go there this summer anyway (more on that in another post - my goodness those future posts are piling up!), so thought I'd do a little research. 

The clinic, "Scoliosis SOS", that promotes a one-on-one approach with a combination of physiotherapy (all personnel are registered physiotherapists my own personal London medical mole told me), message therapy, osteopathy, nutrition and more, every day for several hours each day and for 4 weeks in total.  Their stated goal is to reduce once's curve by 10-15%, reduce pain, increase lost height, and provide an exercise plan that I expect will be prescribed for every day for life.  Sounds rigourous.  But also a bit exciting. 

Being several thousand km away, I forwarded my xray and MRI and CT results virtually, then underwent the hour-long assessment meeting by phone, was told I was a good candidate, did I have any more questions and did I wish to book my 4 week visit? 

This caught me a little off-guard.  Having lived in London for several years, I was expecting a maze of bureaucrasy that would require a legal background, a limitless bank account, and the patience of - well, someone very, very patient.  My cynical mind told me that something this easy must be dodgy or in dire need of cash.  I took a bit of time, did a bit more research, and had a conference with my husband. 

The result was why not go for it?  I had made my back a priority issue this year, I could stay with friends to save on cash and add to the pleasure of living in London again. I could make the time, too, as this year was likely to be less busy year than usual with our business.  The cost was not inconsiderable, even without accomodation, but when I worked out how much I would have to pay professional therapists per hour, it was pretty reasonable.

The only 4 week period that could be attached to my current travel plans was April 22-May 17.  Yes, there was a place for me.  I made the deposit, hung up the phone and that was it.  I booked a single flight out for few days before so that I could get over jetlag before starting the clinic., and sourced the recommended clothing options (more on that - ok, ok, in another posting!)

So here I am, two days before my flight.  I just need to pack, kiss my husband good-bye for a few weeks (the only downside to this whole thing) and off I go! 

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  1. I wish you the very best of luck and certainly, every bit of health and happiness on your journey. Good for you for taking charge of your condition. I wish more people would learn to empower themselves.