Monday, September 30, 2013

Pole Dancing

The Scoliosis SOS clinic has us all doing several exercises in compromising positions with one or more long poles added to the act. I would have loved to have been a fly on the ceiling, watching us get practically every piece of equipment that was possible. Straps, beanbags, blocks, cylinders, large stools, small stools - we would look like ants near a nest, all moving here and there not hitting each other (often) busy with our tasks.

And then another 5 minutes or so trying to get set up.  this strap goes up to the thrid rung but this strape stays on the bottom rung, this pole goes here theis bean bag gets shoved there, etc. etc.

In the end of our contortions we would track and tension against the pole or poles rammed against the wall, providing the elongation.  Some derotation was added as a gift with purchase, depending on the exercise.  As usual we could grunt it out for 6 long counts each repetition and after 12 repetitions we'd release the poles and lie gasping in child's pose. 

The strap that tethered us to the bars would often get so tight that we would have to rub our lower back while kneeling up and down, just to get the blood flowing. Once we'd rested off we'd go again, straining against the strap, pushing against the poles: kneeling, lying on our backs, lying on our sides, whatever the position.

In the end, one of these exercises made it on to my weekly schedule to do every other day, with the other pole exercises slotted in once every couple of weeks.  No surprise that the exercise I have to do more frequently is the one most devoted to derotation!

Supine with Poles

Kneeling with Poles

Side-lying with a Pole

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