Friday, September 20, 2013

Workshopping with Elise Miller - Part 2

While yoga for scoliosis expert Elise Miller was in town conducting workshops for teachers and patients, I decided to pay for a private lesson with her too.

She was familiar with my curve being a 'left lumber' herself, and she candidly told me a few experiences she has tried and suggested for future consideration.  But what she really spent time on was a thorough instruction of several key exercises.  Most of these she had already taught in the workshop, but it was great to get a bit more hands-on instruction, as well as modifications targeted specifically for me. 

She made notes, and took a few photos on my camera so that I could see that part of my body that requires the most attention but which I cannot see myself.  She also allowed me to photograph her and video her too, so that I could hear her instructions.  She knew I was writing a blog and I thought it very generous of a "brand" to allow me what amounted to an all access pass (which I shall not abuse!).  She showed me how to adapt various movements wherever I am, which will be helpful the next time I am away from home, (as long as I have a wall and a doorway).

In the end I have to say I learned more about my body and the way it works.  And I now have a few more exercises to add to the Scoliosis SOS list.  I am now recorded as one of her 'clients' and encouraged to email questions whenever they come up.  She spent a little more than one hour with me and although she was business-like and miindful of the time, as I was, she made sure I had what I needed before the session ended formally. 

Well not so formally really because I was given a hug.  People with scoliosis always appreciate getting a hug from someone who knows what they are going through, which is really no different for those who suffer any other issue affecting their physical health.  Hugs are free medicine and very effective!

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