Tuesday, May 28, 2013

construction blitz

Ok London, what's with all the building?  On my walks from tube station to Scoliosis SOS clinic, I generally pass huge deep pits with scaffolding proclaiming "luxury flats" or a certain business or hotel.  One morning I counted 6!

These aren't just house-sized pits - these are entire block-sized pits.  And everwhere the pounding and screeching of construction noise, and dust swirling over the wooden hoardings like the smoke from hell rising up.

I had been expecting cautious optimism given the economic climate Britain has been dealing with for several years now. Growth is discerned, albeit minimal.  House prices have started rising again after years of stagnation or depression.  Things in the country and in the EU have stabilised for the time being.

But this boom in building I haen't seen since the Thatcher years of the 80s or the new Millenium years.  It's quite stunning seeing the city changing its skyline before my eyes!

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