Thursday, May 23, 2013

Exercise Modifications - Stretches

One of the talks we had on the final day included how we handled our exercise schedule while away from home and our exercise station.  Given that I will be visit friends around Britain before spending a month in Turkey and two months in Africa (blogs to come!) all before I return home, this was one talk that attracted my attention.

The stretches will be easy enough to do with minimal equipment.  The pectoral stretch known in the clinic as "The Titanic" (from Kate Winslet's pose and Celine Dion's song of the movie):

can be easily done one side at a time against a door frame:   

Other stretches for the pierformis, the adductors, the traps, and the hamstring are easily done anywhere there is a bit of floor (and I hasten to say that the photographer snapped me too early while I was getting into position for my hamstring stretch and that I was not in fact cheating by bending my leg!)

The most difficult one to replicate without my trusty wall bars is the Ballerina stretch.  Although I am to do all other stretches on both sides, I am only meant to stretch my right side on this one. I have had a go on a few door frames and I think that will work nicely.  As long as I don't lose my focus and fall on my patoot.
*note that these stretches were prescribed to me for my particular scoliosis, and they might not be appropriate for others. 

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