Friday, May 31, 2013

Theraband Pacquet Exercise

London's Scoliosis SOS clinic called this exercise the PNF Pacquet, but PNF is short for whatever material a theraband is made of.  Or, as my clinic station-mate called it - that pulley thing.

In my case, I need to exercises both of my lats, so I use two therabands.  Others only used one or the other.  Two therabands are tied to high rungs and I grasp them in my crossed arms, all the while standing in my corrected posture.  Then I straighten our my arms and, at the last moment, twist my hands out so that my lats get a good work out (like trying to squeeze a nut).  Hold for 6 seconds then repeat 12 times - take a break and do two more sets.

This is one of the few exercises that is reasonably easy to manage while on the road.  I put a knot at the ends of each theraband, drape the knots over a door and then shut the door.  Ta-da!  Easy-peasey.
*note that this exercise was prescribed to me for my particular scoliosis, and it might not be appropriate for others.

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