Friday, May 24, 2013

Mean Streets and Emapthic Architecture

My most common path from station to clinic passes a cruel part of London.  The streets bully and taunt me on my journey and I must pass through them with brisk pace and head held high.

But I receive support from new friends, the architecture that is emerging from old blocks of square, straight-lined, unbending structures that have dominated this City for too long.  As if to stress that humanity needs to incubate an Age of Empathy right now, constructions rise with curvatures of their own.  I feel more empowered and confident just seeing them as they expand into their scoliosis-like profiles with strength and purpose, and encourage me on my own way.

A journey is a journey whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual or metaphorical.  This is a bit like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but wouldn't it be fun to have a twisted version of this? 

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