Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week ending

Clinic staff told us our weekend homework was to relax, walk a bit, and do our stretches, but not anything physically strenuous.  So I shall exercise a different kind of muscle and recount my 3 weekends in rhyme.


Weekend #1
Friday night I walked for an hour
I drink a pint and hid from a shower
Then I saw a play by Alan Bennett
That can't be bad now really can it?
Sloane Square next day to shop for a dress
Got shoes as well so a great success
Had dinner that night with friends up the road
And a lovely Sunday with kids who have growed
I drank champagne and ate way too much
And was driven back home - that was a nice touch!

Weekend #2
Dashed to a train in a Friday rush
Sun in my eyes in a coach all crushed
Got to Petersfield and was met at the station
Than proceeded to begin a 2 day conversation
A high point was at my favourite pub
The Harrow has such delicious grub
Skyped a cousin-in-law who has just bought a house
(Cannot think of a rhyme here except for 'mouse')
My body's a bit achy so nice to stay in
A friend's Clapham flat as neat as a pin

Weekend #3
Friday night in and tried to get work done
But a 2 hour skype was a lot more fun
Had to rise very early to make my train
But I still almost missed it - a right royal pain
My in-laws met me and took me to lunch
And a walk round the market 'cuz I had a hunch
That Bury was a good place to find a kettle
As a gift for a friend who's tested her mettle
It rained and it blew and the sun tried to shine
So I nestled right in with the in-laws, mine.
a city still with cobbles

beautiful Bury

a rare sunny morning walk into town past the butts

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