Monday, May 13, 2013

I haven't got a thing to wear!

Ok, that title was a bit of an exaggeration for theatrical effect.  I actually do have a lot of things to wear.  The question really is: Are they the right things?

Once accepted into the Clinic, I was given some direction as to what and what not is appropriate vestments for the physical work we are expected to do. 

1.) Exercise pants, leggings or shorts with no zips or loops or buckles.  There are some exercises that require a cinched, woven belt tight tightly around our hips that is connected to another belt that is connected to a ladder-like affair that is connected to the wall  (connected to the knee bone...) intended to provide traction as we elongate our bodies away from the wall.  So anything that can interfere with this activity is not good.

So, pack two of my long yoga leggings and two stretch capris.  Check!

2.) Men to be barechested - Women to wear bra tops.  The physios. need to watch the muscles of our backs while we exercise and work in our attempted corrective positions.   Well that's just dandy if you are a buff young man or a slim young woman but, not being either, this put me in a meditative mood.  Do I really want to bend and stretch in my bra?  I felt a little coy about this, so went off in search of an exercise bra that would provide good coverage and support but allow the practitioners with the view they require. This is not as easy as it sounds. My first stop was to Lululemon, an obvious choice.  While trying on various cute little numbers I made a discovery.  Not only is it impossible to squeeze into a 34D yoga top with any grace whatsoever, but in order to move with enough support the top in question is often designed with a racer back or several  thick straps crisscrossing the back, obscuring the spine too much. So, what about a swim suit top?  I dug out a few options to find they had decent coverage, and the halter in particular displayed my spine admirably, but I'm not sure they would be up to the rigours of the clinic every day for a month.  My local running store (Raquets and Runners) fortuitously invited me to a " 'Girls' Night Out" event.  Food, wine,  an expert on running bras - perfect.  I found out that no actively worn bra should celebrate a birthday.  that just made me feel sorry for my nice little Elle MacPherson - it was so looking forward to turning 5.  I gathered some options to try on, determined I like adjustable straps, prefer encapsulation-type bras to compression-type bras, and want covered hook enclosures that allow for adjustments but that won't get caught on any of the clinic equipment. I found two different styled bras in two different styles that both fit and looked good.

Pack two Moving Comfort sports bras - Check, Check!

3.) No shoes to be work inside clinic rooms.  Easy-peasey.

Assorted socks - Wright double-layer, blister-free socks (my old running fave) for walking to and from and basic wear, Wigwam marinos for warmth, and my fluffy panda socks I bought in Soeul last year for fun - Check!.

And of course my Twisted Outreach Project tee-shirts - Check!

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