Friday, May 17, 2013

Equipment List

We have been given a list of all the equipment we will need to have in place when we return home in order to continue working on our own.

At this point my cynical head said "Here we go, the sell job."  It was hard not to listen to that cynical head as most of the items seemed quite highly priced for what they were.  Now to be fair it could be that I was looking at prices as a Canadian, and as a lotus-land Canadian at that.  As a couple, yoga and Vancouver go way back, and there seems to be a yoga place next to a sushi placeon every block.  Prices are pretty good compared to Britain in general, but on something so ubiquitous.  It's no surprise that the yoga cloithers "Lululemon" started in Vncouver.

The list I was given reads as follows:
  • 2 poles (8')
  • wooden bar
  • 3rd pelvis correction bar
  • 2 wooden blocks
  • large PVC cylinder
  • 2 small PVC cylinders
  • webbing strap
  • webbing yoga belt
  • 2 foam wedges
  • 2 bean bags
  • 1 Deuser band
  •  exercise mat
  • 1 large ball
  • 1 large stool
  • 1 small stool
  • 2 purple therabands
for an estimated total of`324 pounds stirling (about $520)

Oh - and a set of wall bars overlaying a full length mirror which would cost approximately 300 pounds - plus shipping and installation!
Once I'd recovered a bit and took a longer look I was happy to see that I already had about half the items at home in my basement room, or what my husband lovingly calls my "Wellness Centre".  Over the years of doing yoga and pilates I have attained a large ball, a mat, various balls and weights and bands, and body rollers of different lengths and strengths.  I can see my large ball will get a lot more use, but I particularly love my pink roller, upon which I can lie full length and complete core strength and stabilizing balance exercises.

Those of us who had come from far afield were given a spec sheet of the wall bars (i.e., "the rack" - it has a nice ring of torture about it), which is really just a frame of 2"x4"s with wooden rungs placed at varying distances, and a full length mirror behind.

Most of the items I do not already have I think I could easily cobble together qite cheaply - poles and wooden rods cut from doweling, and different sized PVC pipes all from a building supplier, and therabands, plastic stools and blocks from the yoga section of a good-sized pharmacy, such as London Drugs.  I could probably even make a beanbag or two, and cover a wedge of foam to complete my trousseau

Which is a relief as I can't imagine continuing with my summer travels holding a couple of long wooden poles and a large plastic stool!

In the end I bought two items I did not have and thought might be difficult to find.  I no doubt could get them cheaper over the internet, but I won't be at any fixed address for shipping until I get back home in September and if I am to follow this journey through I really do need a few items that will facilitate my prescribed exercise programme while on the road.  I had packed a theraband and small ball with me, and can get Martin to bring over my yoga belt and another theraband with him when he joins me.  The blue webbing band (through which I can thread my yoga belt and thus attain traction) and the super-stong Deuser band (which will work me harder than will my theraband) will be like extra percussion instruments on the road tour, not vital but adding a lot more colour and versatility to the performance.

*note that this equipment was prescribed to me for my particular scoliosis, and it might not be appropriate for others.

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